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2021 MRC Match Signup Form

Name: Junior
Todays Date is May 16, 2021 - 5:42 pm.

There is a 14 shooter limit per relay. Please pick another relay if desired relay is full.
If you need to edit your entry or not receiving the match announcement, please email webmaster.

Please check here for match cancellations.

Month Time Class Any Sights 10am = 7    12pm = 3
Mike Lehmeier May 10am Pick yes
seth schulte May 10am ftr yes
Charles Van Heel May 10am ftr
Terry Stern May 10am fopen
Ann Ondich May 10am ftr yes
Kingsley Ondich May 10am ftr yes
Tomas Garcia May 10am ftr yes
Mark May 12pm ftr yes
Mark Zaebst May 12pm ftr yes
Jeff Grimm May 12pm ftr yes
frmdxx May Time Pick