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2019 MRC Match Signup Form
Name: Junior
Todays Date is April 20, 2019 - 2:43 am.

There is a 14 shooter limit per relay. Please pick another relay if desired relay is full.
If you need to change or cancel your entry, please email range director.

We are now allowing any sights for prone, standing and 3 position shooting.

Month Time Class Any Sights 10am = 9    12pm = 7
Drew Rutherford April 10am ftr
Laurie Meller April 10am fopen
Gregory Meller April 10am fopen
Garald Gillies April 10am fopen
Terry Stern April 10am fopen
Mike Lehmeier April 10am fopen
Lance Swanson April 10am 3P yes
Michael Mckay April 10am fopen
Bob Mann April 10am Pick
Erik Nielsen April 12pm ftr yes
Brett lafond April 12pm ftr yes
Kenny Meyer April 12pm ftr
Josh wegscheid April 12pm ftr yes
Mark Lessard April 12pm ftr yes
Baron Juhl April 12pm ftr yes
Kendra Juhl April 12pm ftr yes