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2020 MRC Match Signup Form

Name: Junior
Todays Date is August 10, 2020 - 7:32 am.

There is a 14 shooter limit per relay. Please pick another relay if desired relay is full.
If you need to change or cancel your entry, please email range director.

We are now allowing any sights for prone, standing and 3 position shooting.

Month Time Class Any Sights 10am = 12    12pm = 8
Jey York August 10am ftr yes
Terry Stern August 10am fopen
Charles Van Heel August 10am ftr
John Burniece August 10am ftr yes
Mike Lehmeier August 10am fopen yes
Bob Mann August 10am fopen
Erik Nielsen August 10am ftr yes
Steve Miller August 10am ftr yes
Andrew Jewison August 10am ftr
Ward Tilbury August 10am ftr yes
David Horn August 10am ftr yes
seth schulte August 10am ftr
Jeff Grimm August 12pm ftr yes
David Horn August 12pm ftr yes
Josh wegscheid August 12pm fopen yes
Jake Thielen August 12pm ftr yes
tomas garcia August 12pm ftr yes
Kenny Meyer August 12pm ftr yes
Ben Conrad August 12pm ftr yes
Zachery Peterson August 12pm ftr yes